Monday, October 13, 2008

More Civil Than They're Saying

The press has continued to claim that the McCain has "sunk to new lows" etc, etc. In fact, Senator McCain and Senator Obama have actually run a relatively civil campaign. Certainly better than the last two.

A while ago I lauded Senator Obama for criticizing his own staff's inappropriate comments. When his press people went over the top in attacking Sarah Palin, Obama took them to the wood shed.

Yesterday, Senator McCain did the same with his own supporters, who were accurately maligning Senator Obama:

Fearing the raw and at times angry emotions of his supporters may damage his campaign, John McCain on Friday urged them to tone down their increasingly personal denunciations of Barack Obama, including one woman who said she had heard that the Democrat was "an Arab."

Each time he tried to cool the crowd, he was rewarded with a round of boos.
At one point, Senator McCain even took a microphone away from a woman who insisted Senator Obama was an "Arab." (see photo)

Senators McCain and Obama are trying to keep this election civil. I hope their supporters can do the same.

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