Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Financial Crisis - Where to Look for Information

The news is full of people talking about Wall Street and the economy. But a lot of it doesn't make anything more clear. If anything, someone who spends a couple hours reading the papers and watching TV may be more confused than when she started.

Accordingly, I've found some useful links that will help you better comprehend what is going on in the financial world and how it could affect someone who does not play in it regularly. I've arranged them by the iTunes playlist style into beginner, next steps and deeper cuts.


Planet Money - both a blog and a podcast, the NPR team makes a lot of complicated things easier to understand, and does a good job interviewing some really great guests.

Momey Magazine - a collection of relevant news articles from CNN / Money website is here.

Next Steps:

David Leonhardt - The "Economic Scene" weekly columnby the New York Times's best business reporter (and main reason to read the Times) is housed here in addition to his excellent work for the Sunday Times magazine.

Martin Wolf
- The Financial Times's highly respected columnist is held in high regard in finance ministries across Europe.

Deeper Cuts:

Baseline Scenario - The website of MIT economist Simon Johnson (who has been EVERYWHERE talking about the financial crisis) and a couple other smart guys. Baseline Scenario isn't technical, but it does get further into the details for those interested. In particular, their "baseline" narrative and recommendations is a good weekly read.

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