Friday, August 29, 2008

The Speech

Looking for commentary on "the Speech" from last night? Try one of these.

I thought it might be useful to clarify what this site is about by saying what it's not about. First, it's certainly not a political news site. I can't keep up with those who work at the links to the right, and don't try.

Next, I'm going to try to keep political opinions pretty much to myself, because mine aren't any better than yours. And, there are plenty of people at Fox, PBS, MSNBC and elsewhere who are all to happy to share theirs.

What I DO bring to the table is a working knowledge of the federal government, and hope that by sharing that, I can help those who read understand a little bit better what their government does. I'm more interested in improving our understanding of civics, and raising the right questions for consideration than shoving answers (even as I understand them) down anyone's throat.
Although not talking out the speech as a political document, though, we WILL discuss some of the points that were raised and what they may mean for government in an Obama administration in future posts.

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