Thursday, August 28, 2008

One place NOT to get your political news...

Apparently MSNBC is more interested in their on air "talent" than what's actually being said at the Democratic National Convention.

Amid a spate of awkward on-air conflicts among MNSBC anchors at this week’s Democratic convention, some staff members say there are sharp internal disputes at the cable network over whether its opinion and personality-driven political coverage has crossed the line.
So far, the television coverage of the conventions has been fairly sad, with the traditional network news only covering an hour a night, cable and NPR has had to pick up the slack. Part of this reflects the changing nature of conventions from places where news is made as the parties make real decisions to pageants celebrating them. But it also marks the decline of traditional news coverage as something that only happens for a set hour out of the day.

One alternative? C-SPAN is providing gavel to gavel coverage, with no commentary.

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