Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Seperation of Powers Issues

Yesterday, the US District Court ruled that Congress could haul executive branch staff before it by using subpoenas.

A few days ago, the executive branch prosecuted a US Senator for violating what are arguably Congressional housekeeping rules on financial disclosures.

Meanwhile, Congress continues to squeeze the courts by continuing to keep judicial pay substanard compared to what law firms and even non-profits are paying lawyers of comparable seniority and skill.

The Courts as showing an increasing willingness to stray into what was previously thought to be "political issues" for Congress and the executive branch to decide.

Just a health clash of the branches of government using constitutionally provided checks and balances to exercise oversight? Or does this represent a disturbing trend whereby the branches are slipping traditional restraints and asserting their perogatives beyond traditional, self imposed boundaries?

Something to consider.

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