Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Case for McCain

A few days ago, I synthesized from a well written opinion piece about why Americans should elect Senator Obama to the Presidency.

Today, I'll do the same for Senator McCain.

The Dallas Morning News recommends Senator McCain for several interesting reasons.

First, given the uncertainty facing America, Senator McCain's experience makes him the more certain helmsman at a time when it really matters. Next, divided government is more likely to spend less and be more fiscally disciplined than a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. Finally, Senator McCain is actually more on an outsider with a proven track record of effectively changing policy than Senator Obama, who has pretty much hewed to his party's line and has a much better record talking about change than effecting it.

The United States is in crisis. The economy is melting down. Our military is at war on two fronts... In better times, America could afford to consider entrusting the White House to an appealing newcomer like Mr. Obama and giving control of the presidency and Congress to the same party... But in this time of great anxiety, the American people need a leader of experience guiding the ship of state.
The Budget:
The last time the nation saw Washington make real progress on deficit reduction was the 1990s, when a Democrat controlled the White House and Republicans held Congress. True, Republicans failed to cover themselves in deficit-reduction glory when they held the executive and legislative branches, but we read that as an argument in favor of divided government.
Mr. McCain has often opposed his own party when he believed it was the right thing to do. For example, though he supported the Iraq war, Mr. McCain emerged early as a critic of the Bush strategy at a time when the safe Republican move was go along to get along. His leadership was arguably a key factor in forcing the Bush administration to change its ways, adapting a strategy that finally worked...
In contrast:

You don't see that kind of independence with Mr. Obama, who has marched in spending lockstep with his party and mostly ducked questions about entitlement reform and budget cuts.
Simply put, the Morning News sees Senator McCain's experience and proven record at reform, coupled with a concern about one party running Washington to be the best reasons to vote for Senator McCain.

The argument about the desirability of divided government being the best reason to vote for Senator McCain (i.e. we know there will be a Democratic Congress) is one you're likely to hear more and more of. On the one hand, you could say we need the government to act in a unified and swift fashion these days given the state of the world and that electing Obama will lead to a more vigorous, effective government. On the other, the track record of the Republican Congress with a Republican president from 2000- through 2006 may given many voters pause.

Again - just want to make clear this isn't an endorsement - just a summary of some good reasons to consider Senator McCain, as I did for Senator Obama a couple posts down.

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