Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama - a good moment and a bad one

Senator Obama has generally been speaking in favor of the financial bailout concept. Agree or disagree with him, he's shown some leadership.

Senator McCain has not given any indication of his views on this, which is very troubling. His intervening in the process, then, is pointless showboating at best.

So far, Obama has shown a steadier hand in dealing with our nation's most pressing domestic issue.

On the other hand, Senator Obama has not shown an understanding of the nation's financial health that previously I credited him with having. When asked whether the bailout would alter his ambitious health care plan, he said "no":

Barack Obama told CNBC's Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood that his plan to reform the nation's health care policy won't fall victim to the government's $700B bailout plan.

HARWOOD: So no change in your health care plan?

OBAMA: Well, the--but keep in mind, my health care plan is paid for. And I continue to believe that rolling back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans makes sense. They are still going to be wealthy after those are rolled back. I still believe that it is important for us to make college more affordable. And I think it's important that all those things are paid for in light of this huge additional potential expense.


It may have been paid for, but the bailout isn't.

That's like saying that you had planned to buy a new car and had saved for it. Now that you find you need a new roof, and don't have any money saved. Are you still buying the car?

Not if you're responsible, or as Paul Krugman likes to call it, a "grown up."

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